AI-Powered Learning
Leveraging data, insights, and machine learning to scale learner-centric outcomes
Equitable Education For All
We are committed to building best-in-class AI-powered solutions that ensure everyone can access high quality education, no matter their background, socioeconomic status, age, race, or gender.
AI-Powered Solutions

AI Diagnostics

Tailored AI-powered diagnostics powered by our proprietary algorithm to pinpoint each student’s areas of improvement and learning style.

AI Compass

Your learning style and highest impact areas of improvement analyzed by our Deep Learning AI to outline an actionable study plan.

AI Coaching

Personalized content delivered by an AI-powered avatar that explains key concepts in an easy, digestible manner while driving you to meet deadlines and learning milestones.

AI Teaching Assistant

Receive targeted assignments, quizzes, and tests at progress-based intervals and seamlessly get your concepts clarified through chat-based conversations with AI Teaching Assistant.

AI Evaluation Solutions

Real-Time Interval Evaluations

Anticipate student needs over engagement lengths to identify support levels to save students time and money.

Unsurpassed Learning Network

Leverage data from millions of student-tutor interactions to receive progress assessments and community support resources.

Automated, Continual Assessments

Automated milestone-based assessments to understand your trajectory, goals, and estimate time needed to achieve your academic goals.

Core AI Capabilities

Score Predictor

Receive constant predictions of how prepared you are for your next exam based on millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of students.

Customized Learning Journey

Create a customized pathway based on your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and preferences.

Personalized Attention

Our algorithms understand your engagement patterns, providing encouragement and motivation when learner morale seems low.

Anomaly Detection

Algorithmic detection of any major disruptions in learning progress coupled with automated alerts and course correction suggestions.

Auto-Item Generation

Automatically generate custom to-do lists modeled after existing academic and subject requirements.

Auto Essay-Scoring

Auto-scoring and evaluation based on answers to sample questions, time taken to respond, interaction patterns, and more.