A platform built around
your needs

An interactive platform designed to support you across your entire academic journey

Coaching and mentorship that makes
the difference

Coaching and mentorship that makes the difference

Personalized tutor matching
Match with an expert based on your preferences
Match with students based on your interests, background, and personality preferences
Decide which subjects and topics you want to teach, and the number of students you want to support
Peer coaching, practice discussion groups and a personal resource platform to help you to continuously upskill on best practices
Comprehensive learning platform
Streamline your academic learning journey with all the tools in one place
Centralize all your work, processes, tools into one learning platform
Collaborate seamlessly with your tutor to get a clear picture of your tasks and upcoming deadlines
Access diagnostic tests, progress reports, curated content, scheduling management, and other powerful tools you navigate your academic journey
Seamless communication
Lightning-fast communication keeping you and tutors updated, anywhere
Real-time notifications, no app required
Translation tools make communication accessible
Easy interface navigation – audio/video calls for seamless contact between students and tutors
Personal information remains private so you can communicate with confidence

All tools that youneed in one place

Application Progress Tracker

Track key progress and upcoming tasks so that you don’t miss any deadlines

Diagnostic Assessment

Short, targeted tests to assess which areas need improvement

Automated Learning Plans

Personalized plans created based on results of diagnostic tests

Curated Content

Tailored lessons to suit your learning style and schedule

Tutor Scheduler

Easily manage your availability and simplify how you book meetings with your tutor

Video Resources and Research Guides

The most updated concept guides, study materials, practice tests, and more, all in one place

Integrations with your favorite apps to supercharge quality and productivity
Communicate With Your Tutor,
When and Where You Need Them

One-on-One Personalized Learning

Meet your tutor regular on our live learning platform and get highly personalized, effective, and convenient tutoring for our 10,000+ subjects and topics. Post-session recordings are available to review and preserve what was covered, and on-demand help is available at a moment’s notice.

Seamless messaging around the clock

Message your tutors from within the platform. You can also add your parents to the group-chat so that they are well-updated on what is happening.

Real-time notification

Get real-time notifications with no app installation required. Use in-built translation tools that make communication accessible. Along with easy interface navigation – three-way texting, audio/video calls for seamless contact between you, tutors, and your parents.

Ready to supercharge your academic journey?