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Through her many professional roles, at both the undergraduate level and the graduate level, Mary has served for almost forty years as an important resource to students, faculty and corporate partners.

With her outgoing personality, Mary plays an integral role in the lives of almost everyone with whom she works, and she often builds relationships that last far longer than the typical advising experience. After teaching for more than 16 years as an educator, her graduate studies brought her to Columbia University where she began a career in student services that would include senior positions in admissions, financial aid, athletics, academic advising and career services, and corporate outreach.

Early in her career, Mary served at Columbia as the Associate Director of Athletics and then as the Director of Financial Aid. Her vast experience in both undergraduate and graduate school admissions includes positions as the Director of Admissions for the School of Education, Nursing and the Arts at New York University; the Director of Admissions, Columbia School of Nursing and the Associate Director of Admissions for MBA Programs at the Columbia School of Business.

Mary spent many years at the Columbia School of Business, where she also served as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for MBA Academic Advising and as the Corporate Director for Executive Education Programs. In 2000, Mary moved back to one of her alma maters, the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she spent twelve years as Director of Career Services for both undergraduate and graduate students at the Leeds School of Business, and an additional six years as Manager for Corporate Outreach and Student Engagement for Burridge Center for Finance.

Finally, in 2014, while still working part-time at CU Boulder, Mary accepted a 3-year assignment as Director of Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista, CO.

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